The GASP major and ARTS minor enable students to explore art from three distinct yet related approaches: history (contextual analysis of visual, architectural, and aural formats), theory (critical and creative interpretation of texts) and practice (application of techniques and concepts).

The new GASP major will be open to students in the current (2015/2016) freshman class. Please note that in the first year of the GASP major (2016/2017) not all of the courses listed below will be offered, and our course numbering system will be undergoing revision. We highly recommend that students interested in declaring a GASP major complete GASP 2 (Introduction to Music Studies) and GASP 3 (Introduction to Visual Studies) as soon as possible.

GASP Major Requirements [48 units]

  • Introduction to Music Studies
  • Introduction to Visual Culture
  • Music and Society OR Global Art History
  • Image and Sound (to be offered as of spring 2018)
  • One additional lower-division GASP or ARTS course
  • Music and/or dance studio/ensemble(s) totalling 4 credits
  • Visual arts studio
  • Additional studio/ensemble course(s) totalling 4 credits
  • One upper-division non-studio/ensemble elective
  • One upper-division non-studio/ensemble elective, OR Music and Society OR Global Art History
  • Theories of Expressive Culture (to be offered as of fall 2018)
  • Senior Thesis (to be offered as of spring 2019)


Arts Minor Requirements [24 units]

  • One lower division GASP course
  • One lower division ARTS course
  • A minimum of four upper-division ARTS or GASP courses