Playing the Crowd

Professor David Kaminsky plays for dancers at a folk music gathering in Sweden. Photo by Knut Utler
Photo by Knut Utler

Inspiring Young Artists

Artist Milton Bowens speaks at the annual Bobcat Art Show reception, with Chancellor Dorothy Leland in attendance. Photo by ShiPu Wang
Photo by ShiPu Wang
Professor Aditi Chandra discusses two 19th-century Mughal paintings from the collection of the Doris Duke Foundation of Islamic Art at Shangri-La, Hawaii. Photo by Chris Lowenthal
Aditi Chandra

Hands-On Learning

Professor ShiPu Wang with some of the founding student curators who helped launch the UC Merced Art Gallery in 2011.
UCM Art Gallery

Getting Technical

Professor Ken Yoshida (left) listens in as photographer Noritaka Minami (center) explains the use of large-format camera in his work to students. Photo by ShiPu Wang
Photo by ShiPu Wang

The Global Arts Studies Program (GASP) is a unique curriculum that integrates diverse subjects normally housed in different departments, including art history, visual studies, ethnomusicology, performance studies and cultural studies. The program provides opportunities for students to analyze artistic practices in multiple media, and to investigate how those practices have been affected by industrialization, colonialism, commercialism and globalization. GASP offers students a global and interdisciplinary comprehension of the arts.

Arts Class
Arts Class
Kaminsky Dance Class
UCM Art Gallery