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Experimental Inter-Arts Ensemble

The Experimental Inter-Arts Ensemble is not defined by a particular collection of instruments, selection of repertoire, or style. Neither is it exclusively a music or dance ensemble, but welcomes musicians, dancers, and artists of any discipline as well as scientists, engineers, or other “non-artists” to join as equal participants. This group is organized around the mission of exploring fundamental questions of social music-making by whatever means necessary. Each term the ensemble is rebuilt “from scratch” by the participants, based on their particular backgrounds, interests, and desires. Starting points include study of approaches to ensemble organization from experimental music, computer music, performance art and other traditions. As the ensemble’s specific goals emerge, we will also engage with appropriate music and media technologies, both new (i.e. “laptop ensemble”) and old (i.e. shape-note singing). The ensemble works towards a collective final event such as a concert, installation, internet performance, or other form of public presentation yet to be imagined.