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Artists for Hire

The Global Arts Studies Program encourages the hiring of both student and local community artists (musicians, dancers, designers, etc.) at fair market rates.

If you are a local and/or student artist or group who wishes to advertise your services, please email us a link to your own website (or facebook page) and we will publish it here.


Local Artists and Musicians for Hire

Roger Wyan Photography —

The Hype (four-piece rock band) —


GASP Policy on Unpaid Work by Artists

The following four cases are the only ones in which the UC Merced Global Arts Program supports asking artists to work without monetary compensation:

1. Free concerts, recitals, theater productions, showcases, open mics, or other performances that do not function as entertainment for another event, and that are open to the entire campus and/or the public.

2. Ticketed events at which all proceeds go to the performing group or organization as a whole. (For example, members of a student group playing music to raise funds for that group, or proceeds from a play going to finance future productions by the same company.)

3. Fundraisers at which all proceeds go to charity, disaster relief, etc.

4. As required for a class (student artists only).

For any other type of event or project for which artists are needed, we encourage that this be put in the planning budget so that they can be compensated. Please help us support a culture in which artists are paid for their work.