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School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts


4th Annual GAMWS Spring Showcase

GAMWS Spring Showcase

Lecture: Clinton Tolley

Swing Dance Party

Lecture: Tonya Lopez-Craig

GASP Lecture Series: Rina Faletti

GASP Lecture Series: Patricia Vergara

GASP Lecture Series: Paul Gibbons

Nordic Dance Party (on campus)

Swing Dance Party (on campus)

Nordic Dance Party (downtown)

Swing Dance Party (downtown)

GASP Lecture Series: Aditi Chandra

Dia De Los Muertos Reception

GASP Lecture Series: David Kaminsky

Stephen Mandiberg (GASP Lecture Series)

Alchemy: Turning Thought into Art (A Community Art Project

Maria DePrano (GASP Lecture Series)

Jenni Samuelson "The Rodgers and Hammerstein Revolution: Setting the Stage for Tolerance" (GASP Lecture Series)

Ken Yoshida (GASP Lecture Series)

Richard Gomez (GASP Lecture Series)

Experimental Inter-Arts Ensemble

Emily Gale (GASP Lecture Series)

Creativity, Collaboration, and Interdisciplinarity: Case Studies from Experimental Music and Contemporary Dance

Viva la Vida: A Day of the Dead Exhibit (Reception)

Bollywood and Beyond (GASP Lecture Series)

Viva la Vida: A Day of the Dead Exhibit

Nordic Dance Party (downtown)

Seeds of Dissent