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Todo Cambia- UCM Human Rights Film Festival

February 27, 2023

This year, Todo Cambia - UCM Human Rights Film Festival will focus on "voices from the peripheries," visions that are often marginalized, even hidden, but are much needed in shaping our futures. We will host a group of intellectuals that will invite us to think about the relationship between how we see and how we act, from the work of abolitionist activists in the Valley, films that focus on the tragic local/global implication of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or the works of visionary filmmakers like the Ethiopian artist, Haile Gerima, the feminist filmmaker, Chantal Akerman, or the revolutionary work of the Hong-Kong filmmaker, Wong Kar-wai, among others. We invite you to attend the various film screenings, in-person panels, and ZOOM talks that are part of our festival.